Spider-Man – First day First thoughts

Image result for spider man ps4

When I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, as its Spider-Man day today its finally out for people to play the famous,  web slinging Marvel superhero. This is just my initial thoughts on the game I have spent a couple of hours on it now, and all I can say is WOW.

The game definitely, does not disappoint at all, the graphics are stunning as we all knew it would be, but colours the scenery its so realistic, and you are made to feel like you are Spiderman. The voice acting and the mixture of serious and humour is fantastic, as similar to the 90’s Saturday morning TV show I remember watching, with his quick witted remarks, when interacting with other characters or bad guys.

The swinging in this game is breathtaking, as your swinging between skyscrapers in New York, that famous scene from the very first movie when, he swings from high then dives down and shoots webs to swing, between the New York taxis and traffic, it leaves you with chills because you can do that in the game, making the most of the Spider-man skills. Below, is gameplay of me getting to grip with swinging.

When he isn’t swinging, he is taking on the bad guys, the combat is very similar to Batman in the Arkham series, with how it flows and you can punch one bad guy to the next, it seems to flow a little better than Batman, but that I think is due to Spider-mans suit and character as he is quicker and faster. I love that you can use objects to swing and throw at enemies to again, enforce this open world and everything can be a weapon or throw things back the enemy. What I also like is that you level up and unlock new skills and combo moves to help your spidey to kick ass in the way that you want, and unlock more upgrades for you suits, if you pre ordered the game if gave you access to other suits, such as the Iron spider suit etc. You can also collect certain items, in the game to allow more Mods for you suit ,and taking part in other open world events, other than the main storyline gives you more items, and more EXP to level up and unlock more combo moves etc, which they give you a list of what combos your hero can do to so you can practise etc. Below is gameplay footage of me taking care of the bad guys and first look at Kingpin.

Overall, at the moment I am still playing and I am totally impressed and overwhelmed with game joy at the moment, I am so addicted to it, not just the story but, also to the open world where you stop crimes happening to civilians etc. I am going to continue playing and give a more in depth review soon, but for now I am going back to my friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. So what do you guys think so far? whats are you loving about it ? let us know in the comments or tell us on twitter @gamergeeksuk send us a tweet.



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