Overwatch- Gameplay

Well I have been playing Overwatch a lot more, and I have to say I am really enjoying it I don’t normally play online games really, never really playing a shooter team online like COD etc , I kind of stayed away and played more story mode or single player campaigns. The video is of me live playing in a game and I just wanted to show others, what the game is like you were interested in playing the game or purchasing it. In this I am playing D.VA and she is a tank character or takes a hell of amount of damage. Futhermore, you can see the different roles and variety of characters you pick from to play, and there are many characters to pick from. To add who you pick does affect how your team shapes up, but also you can keep changing which character you are at certain points before the game starts, but also if you die you can respawn as different character.

I was very pleased with this as the gameplay video you spot a certain play, that I personally carry out, by basically wiping out the entire other team and I got play of the game, which helps level your profile up etc, and its one of my favourite highlights, and this time it is my ps4 gamertag used as well.


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