Overwatch- initial thoughts

Above is a video, of me ignore the gaming name it is my other halves account that I was playing on, never played Overwatch and I am enjoying it, look the cartoon style graphics and all the characters look stunning. I love the fact you can keep changing who you are to help your team to victory, plus it gives you a chance to play all the characters as well. Now I did the tutorial just to get used to the controls and also what buttons did what. As you learn that each character has their own abilities, like using a power shield etc. I love that it splits characters up when picking a team so you pick either to be a tank, healer or damage and when going into a game and all your other players online it actually helps to tell you what your team is missing etc as well which I found useful as well. Now the above video I am very proud of seeing as I don’t tend to play these types of shooting and online gaming I am normally a story single character kind of gamer, but I do love the fact I managed to get play of the game and kick some ass and it also gave me some confidence going forward with the game as well, as sometimes I find playing online intimidating, so was nice to sneak up on the enemy and get my kills in and help the team . However, I have been playing for a few hours, I am enjoying myself and I can see that you can easily pick the game and get lost for 2/3 hours at a time and get lost in with saying just one more game.

Image result for overwatch

The characters to choose from is massive, and I got myself the legendary edition because well it was on sale and cheaper than the game of the year edition, so I lots of characters and different skins as well. I love the characters and how they can trash talk you, but also make you laugh and that they have taken the time to make individual personalities of each character. I am really enjoying it so far, and getting to grips with controls and features. So I would recommend it, so if you guys already play tell me your favorite characters and also any tips would be nice for a newbie like me as well so leave them in the comments section or tweet us @gamergeeksuk.

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