Spiderman is only one week away now and I am super excited and I can’t wait till my copy arrives at my door for me to play and I haven’t played a proper spiderman since the 2002 version for the original Xbox, and I loved that game challenging but great. Now I know the new one is only for PS4. The game from what I have seen on Youtube and even the adverts in the cinema and TV look amazing, it looks like the Spiderman game we have all been waiting for. Below, is some footage and still just to show you and if you haven’t already heard about it yet and also to show this is something that might end up on your Christmas list, it would have been on mine but I was very very impatient.

It looks stunning and so much fun we get to feel like the actual spiderman and become the superhero our hearts always wanted to be. Within in the game, you can get different spider man suits as well and some are available upon pre-order exclusives.

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Image result for spider man ps4

Image result for spider man ps4

Comes out 7th Septemeber, so why wait buy it or wait till Christmas, and I can’t wait to show you guys what its like. furthermore, there has already been an announcement for DLC in October which contains more areas and story chapters to play as well, the main game hasn’t been released yet, so it tells me there has been a lot time and work gone into the game, and they are expecting it to do well. So what is your favorite spiderman game comment below or tweet us @gamergeeksuk.

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