Pokemon Card Collection

As I have said before I am massive Pokemon fan, even tho it’s more of my geeky collector side, I just wanted to show you guys my collection so far and also that I am still a keen collector of Pokemon cards ever since them came out always collected them as a kid and I still get the same feeling when collecting now as I have always, loved it and it’s even better that it’s one of my favourites series to collect, it was and still is the best feeling in the world buying a packet from a shop or ordering online etc. All the cards here are from new series’s as well as old and still building as always.

I love the old cards especially Charizard but I have always loved the artwork on these cards from the originals, but I do like these newer cards the full art ones they are lovely just to look at and I do flip through just to admire them.

But yes I am still building slowly but enjoying it, it’s still a very keen hobby of mine to get more Pokemon cards and get rare ones of course.

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