Uncharted The Lost Legacy

I have finally completed only borrowed it for a few days and I have completed the main storyline, I have to say I was surprised that I really enjoyed because, it didn’t have the main character we have come to know and love Nathan Drake, because he made the serious as a loveable quick-witted rouge out to find lost cities and treasure.

So the game this time stars Chloe Frazer, who was in previous uncharted games 2&3 and Nadine Ross from the Uncharted 4 have teamed together, to find a lost artifact in India. The graphics and detail in this game are fantastic and, has followed on from A thief’s end as the graphics are very realistic and the scenery is breathtaking. The gameplay is very smooth and the same controls from the uncharted series so for fans it’s very familiar and the rope and hook have come back as well for some more breathtaking climbing and jumping.

The story I have enjoyed its gripping, and it’s nice to learn more about Chloe’s background as well, as I have really enjoyed her character in the previous games as she takes on the boys and proves she is more than a match with her own witty style, and it was nice to see that side of her again, but also she more into her past and her sensitive side as well. Now Nadine I was a bit like okay definitely an unexpected partner seen as she has tried to kill two of Chloe’s friends on more than a few occasions (Nate and Sam) but, it was nice to see more character development in this game and again she can take on the boys but there is more to her than meets the eye.

What I love in this game is the dialogue between the characters as your walking around trying to figure things out the two characters are talking to each other about things they want to do etc, but I love the fact they reference things from the other games and do reference the Drake brothers as well, which again keeps in with the series. Again when you’re doing something wrong they tell you or something is quite right they will tell you so it kinda breaks the 4th wall a little.

Puzzles are as good as ever the one further in the game with statues it’s actually really fun as it tests you and frustrates you all at the same time, which makes it brilliant and the puzzle gets harder as you progress through the stages it’s brilliant, as I always thought the puzzles were great in the series and brings back memories of Lara Croft.

Guns, explosions and high octane scenes are something we have come to expect from an Uncharted game and this one doesn’t disappoint at all, major fights scenes with kick-ass moves whilst also trying to be stealthy as well to avoid detection. Another feature I like as well as the fact Chloe has the ability to lockpick, which actually is handy throughout the game as the enemy sometimes leave massive cache boxes to open only by lockpick so you can either can more ammo or better weapons throughout the game.

Spoiler alert!!! Now, this was a nice surprise in the game and I had no idea well we get a special guest appearance later in the game, from Sam Drake himself and turns out he has been working with Chloe the whole time to give the enemy the run around, and give them time to find the artifact themselves.

The one and only downside to the game is it’s short and doesn’t have Nathan Drake in it, but not having Nathan in the game isn’t a downside, I just love his character that’s all, I wish the game was longer though, as I really enjoyed it when all three characters came together and you can hear Sam and Nadine arguing, but they continue to work together and have each other back as well. So I just wish it was longer because I didn’t want it to end as I enjoyed the characters and the story, just loved the fun.

So I would like the series to continue, its the modern day Indiana/ Lara, maybe they could continue with Sam Drake taking the lead at the end of Uncharted 4 you can see him hatching a plan with Sully, so may it’s their turn for a spin-off??? what do you guys think?

Rating 9.5/10

5 thoughts on “Uncharted The Lost Legacy

  1. I absolutley love this game. I agree about the return of Samual Drake, I think that shocked us all! really wasn’t expecting that but overall it was a very good storyline and it delved more into Chloe’s background the cutscenes were also lovely and it’s just a great gaming experience overall, I mean, aren’t all of the Uncharted games? 🙂


      1. Yes! Me too I was hoping they do one following Sully and Sam but an even better game would be if Cassie Drake was to be kidnapped by one of Nathan’s enemies relatives e.g. Rafe’s brother or Lazarivich’s relative something crazy like that 😂 and then the whole uncharted gang could help find her but not sure if I’m stretching it too much 😂

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