Bloody Roar

Now from a recent purchase from comi con Manchester I was so happy I came across Bloody Roar, I remember playing this as a kid and playing it with cousin and getting my ass kicked constantly. My favourite was Alice the bunny and there was plenty of button bashing. I have also had bloody roar primal fury for the GameCube and I love it as well as it’s more update in terms of graphics and character more of choice.

This series I love it is basically Tekken with animal evolutions, which add more power to attack’s and the special moves were actually special, but another huge part of this game is actually the battle arenas, where some of the attacks can be so hard that you can batter down rails and walls, which can lead to you pushing your opponent out of the ring so to speak, which in some ways I saw as little harsh and cheating, but then I saw it as more of challenge to use my block attack’s more effectively, and more work on strategy as well.

The game runs fast and very smoothly. The game’s moves are also very smooth and dynamic, resulting in lots of noise effects such as a wolf bites a chunk out of his opponent’s neck and blood spurts everywhere, splattering on the ground, which is definitely different from Tekken and more graphics which made the game feel more real. The music is typical of the fighting game genre, but the sound effects are really great.

If you take the time to learn the game which I did a little when I was younger and trying again now, but you definitely pick up some nice tricks to use . Then you mix in the special moves you gain in Beast mode, and you have got a high octane action-packed fighting system.

Another feature is beast Rave, a fourth button that when pressed, hops the player up, allowing him to attack with almost no break in between moves. The downside of the Rave mode is that using it drains your beast meter, forcing you to fight as a human, and human attack’s are not as powerful as the beast.

I feel this gaming series is orientalist take on the fighting game genre and I really wish this gaming series was given a reboot or even a remaster for the newer consoles. The story was good as well very similar to Xmen as people hiding their powers etc and I feel it’s something still very relevant in today’s society and people love the superhero hiding identity stories and learning how to control their powers.

I would give the game and the series 8/10 and I would really like a new game in the series with today’s graphics or even a remaster you can’t get enough fighting games.

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