Retro Replay LIVE!!!!!!


When I booked the tickets I booked them as soon as they came out for this year’s comic con in Manchester there hadn’t been any real news on who or what was going to be on this year and we enjoyed so much last year we wanted to come again and I really wasn’t disappointed, they had Troy Baker and Nolan North, which I thought was awesome anyway. BUT what got me so excited as they were going to do Retro Replay live for us to join in and watch and it didn’t disappoint at all, it had everything the show has on YouTube it had lots of laughs and great fun watching these guys both not getting very far on a game. But cheering with them when they get past apart they are stuck on.

IMG_0732 (1).JPG

They actually opened the SEGA seal just a little bit for and decided to play Disneys Aladdin and I remember myself this was a hard game but I had a love-hate relationship with it myself. Below are a few photos from the live event and even a quick video of Nolan North tellings us about his Mum ringing him about Fornite.

Also, guys, I have left a link to the YouTube channel if you haven’t checked out Retro Replay yet here is a link, also new videos are posted Thursday 4pm PST so don’t miss I haven’t missed one yet.

Also if you guys don’t know about Retro Replay have you guys been living under a rock ????

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