Comic con Manchester final day

Well it’s been brilliant day and weekend at the comi con got to see many different things and see some famous faces as well such as Mr Troy Baker and Nolan North. Even got to see my favourite thing on the internet at the moment Retro Replay as well, which so fun to see and watch. Today we waited to see our stars more today but we did pick up a few things I will be reviewing and writing another post soon. Just wanted to give you guys a look at what comi con is like and I think this year is better than last year it’s bigger and has more guests than before, but has more current up to date things such as the walking dead and retro replay.

Then there was a little wait about 2 hours but so worth it to see and speak to Troy Baker the voice of many many gaming characters, such as Joel from the last of us and Sam Drake from uncharted 4.

This is when I was getting closer to him I did honestly feel very excited but nervous at the same time, because I really love this guys work on games, but also love Retro Replay and we did get a chance to have a nice talk about his singing, as well as the live Retro Replay as well ( he winked at me at the end very excited by this) and he is just a genuine nice guy and awesome singing to but wasn’t one of them famous people who are stuck up etc he really cares for his fans, and wants to talk to every single one of them.

Was so happy to get this very proud and excited moment for me.

Here a few of our finds over the weekend excited to add these to our collection but also excited to play and replay some of these games as they bring bag childhood memories for us and want to get as frustrated as we did back then as well.

The main thing for us for the final day was to watch Retro Replay live with bouts Troy and Nolan which was so much fun and great they really made it for the fans and got us in on the action as well, but it was fun seeing them fail but cheering them when they succeed (still didn’t make it past level one tho) but it was great and the stories and the voice etc was just a fantastic way to end our comi con journey this year. Definitely going again next year, hey why don’t you guys come along next year too. Hope I have managed to give you a little insight to comi con and our journey as well.

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