Retro gaming The Lion King Sega

Well with watching Retro Replay on YouTube it got me thinking about the games I use to play on a kid  and I loved my sega drive, it was amazing back in the day and my family would come round and play with us, and take turns because these games were hard and no autosave feature, or if you get far in the game and die that’s is it straight back to the beginning, its very harsh and frustrating as well, but it did allow for people to take it turns when you die, because when it was your turn it was your game.

The Lion King was one of the hardest from what I remember playing it was difficult and I wanted to give it a go again on an emulator to see, I love the game a lot as for me its one of my favourite Disney films of all time and was very overplayed, but I love the graphics and the music as its from the film itself, and the graphics for this were very good at the time, obviously today’s graphics are far superior, but when I played this I loved everything about it. ( video are me playing through the game).

What I loved though, is the fact there were no instructions to play the game or how to defeat enemies and bosses you had to figure it out for yourselves and that was what was great about these games you had to think about it and had to think of strategies and study the game, I am not saying you don’t have to do that today, but at the time for these games it was so hard and you spent hours figuring things out. No tutorial levels you shoved straight into the action in the deep end and you had to sink or swim.

Sunday is a retro day now for Gamer geeks UK so post some suggestions what should we play next for retro Sunday?


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