Retro Replay

Now this is something I have been watching a lot on YouTube and it has Nolan North ( Uncharted’s Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker ( The Last Of Us Joel) now they do a gaming show called Retro Replay. This is a free YouTube channel you can subscribe too and you get to watch these to guys play retro games such Space Invaders and Ninja Gaiden and they are hilarious as they mention roles they have been in games and the banter between these two is unreal and the videos are addictive, you get lost in the stories they tell each other about there childhood gaming or even just childhood stories. They are just so funny and bounce of each other whilst playing video games and they show us that they get stressed at levels like we all do and you see the determination to complete levels or boss fights, it reminds me of me when I play games with friends with how stressed you can get but you have so much fun doing so. This isn’t a paid post or advertising etc I just wanted to make you guys aware of the channel and videos and so you guys so much fun, I myself have subscribed to the channel and I have so much fun watching them, I literally lost all day yesterday just watching these videos. I just love it and highly rate it looking forward to the next one and the one after that.

So go watch guys and see what you think. Link below to the channel, and it is the trailer for season one.


Also I had a great moment on twitter when Nolan North liked two of my tweets yesterday I went into fan mode and was cheering all of the place.

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