Pokemon Let’s Go NEWS!!!

Well we have a new insight on Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee today from the Pokemon company. Watching this video just gives you more of an insight of what we can do in the game and I am really interested in what large Pokemon you can ride and excited to see you can ride an Arcanine. Like the fact it lets you see gym leaders as well as your rival you will be bottling and it feels very¬†nostalgic with seeing both Brock and Misty as well as the famous Professor Oak as well. This game is definitely one on my Christmas list and very excited for this game, as I am a very big Pokemon. (images also at the bottom as well for extra detail)

Above are some screenshots of the Gym leaders I mentioned at the beginning and that are shown in the video as well, I am just loving the detail in colour and the fact I know its kids game, but its updated look at 3D Pokemon and I still think it looks fresh and sophisticated, but keeping that cartoon kid like edge to it.


Also had some images as well to show you can dress up your companion Pokemon with hats, clothes and even hair cuts, again this is shown in the video, I just really liked the pictures Pokemon released and again shows more detail.This has also been released as well it’s a map of the Kanto region that will be played in both games. Just icing on the cake really. It looks like a brilliant map but also, it is very big and giving us a rough idea where certain Pokemon will be. I am really looking forward to this game, one its the first on actual console and its the original Pokemon 151, which brings back great childhood memories for me. I am just excited to see how they have updated the Pokemon game, and loving the fresh new spin on how Pokemon Go is connected as well as the catching Pokemon in the game as well, instead of just weakening a Pokemon you use the motion controllers to catch them, and it really adds that feeling your an actually catching these Pokemon, you feel like a Pokemon trainer.


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