Crash Bandicoot !!Hidden path


Well I have just been playing Crash Bandicoot the first one I have been stuck on this level Native Fortress, and I know it gives a little in game hint at the beginning that the grass is always greener on the other side. I think I have finally found what it means, which this video shows you that once your at the top after the checkpoint there is a little way where you past obstacles, and my most hated one the guys with shields they really stress me out you can past quiet a few and gets your further to the end, there are also a row of apples along the way as well to help build your lives up again, and also after you come back to the main path and get past the turtles, there is also a checkpoint.  I thought I would just show you guys this little hidden gem, as I am still a rusty Crash play myself just thought I would show you a help. Hope it helps.

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