Steam link

Well with the Steam sale we thought we should treat ourselves with a little bit of something and couldn’t resist getting one of these seen as the discount was huge on this which was 95% discount and was down to £2 how could we not buy this. So it has arrived today and just it up and tried a game on it to see how it works on the tv and doesn’t disappoint. we hope to give a few games ago with this little guy, but also for best quality is to actually plug the ethernet cable straight in, instead of streaming over Wifi as it gives better quality and less chance to drop out. Here is a clip of how it looks with the resident evil remake, over the Wifi.

We are really happy with this purchase as you can see the quality hasnt dropped and its working well over the Wifi. So hopefully be using this more and more and for £2 its bargin and the steam sale ends on 5th july so bag a bargin its definetly worth it.

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