Crash Bandicoot switch look at the game

Well when I purchased this I was so excited for it, was a little worried that maybe the quality might not be as good, but it really doesn’t disappoint at all, I feel the gameplay graphics are brilliant, and I love the fact that the game has come to the switch and I am able to play this game all around the house. I am able to just pick it up and just play then put it down for a bit as well ( that hasn’t happened yet tho ) I love tho they have given an update as playing on PS4 version was difficult, I still find it hard now though as I am not an experienced crash bandicoot player I was more Spyro but I really wanted to get into Crash and that’s why I have it for the switch and that’s why I am enjoying it so much I feel I can play how I want to play. I do love that we get the 2 new levels for it as well, but I am not brave enough to tackle them at the moment, but I will be. I just wanted to show you guys that it looks and plays how it does on the PS4 and Xbox One. There are obviously some levels I love more than others as we all do with crash but it doesn’t take away from how much I am loving the game, it does get me frustrated when I haven’t made a jump, but I love that it does get me frustrated if that makes sense I want to get better at certain levels and skills. I feel its definitely well worth the buy for the switch as, its made easy by the switch just to literally play it anywhere and made more user friendly game in a way just to pick for a few hours, then put it back and, with you can easily pause the game where you leave it a day and pick it right back up (make sure switch fully charged for that.)

After this post, I hope you can see that crash is still a great game but also after this post I will hopefully be uploading gameplay footage etc and hopefully some speed runs and some handy hints, as I am still learning myself what controls do what and still learning to jump properly.

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