Pokemon Quest

Well This maybe a very stripped down version of a Pokemon game and crossed with mine craft graphics, I have to say it’s actually quiet good and highly addictive, even better part it’s FREE to download.

I have only just started it on my switch, but I am actually enjoying playing. You start your journey off in Tumblecube island and 3D pixel style Pokemon. Your sailing off to look for new treasure and of course have the aid of Pokemon to help you on your search. You start to slowly explore the islands and whilst fighting very familiar Pokemon faces in cube form.

The game doesn’t really have a storyline apart from finding and exploring, which is a refreshing change, with no Pokemon duels with strange characters. Most of your time is spent managing your little team at first and exploring deeper into the island and improving and enhancing your Pokemon team as you go. The action is basically tapping on moves your Pokemon or pretty much full automated in this game. You don’t just happen to stubble upon wild Pokemon you lure them in with different food recipes which lure different Pokemon in with different recipes, and instead of battle Pokemon you gain their services of them instead to help you. Once they’re at your camp, you’re free to add them to your team.

In Pokemon quest, so much of that busy work of battling and breeding Pokemon in the normal game, is now simplified or automated, yet the reward — watching your Pokémon grow up and become strong and more effective in battle — is still very satisfying.

Stuff like levelling up or evolving that usually take hours in a normal Pokémon game can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time.

I am huge Pokemon fan ,I have had every game in the mainstream series and also some of the other adventures as well. I have enjoyed levelling up and progression does take time and you invest a lot of time doing so obviously as the series has gone on it’s needed more time, which sometimes you can’t always invest in the modern era. But that is something I have always enjoyed in Pokemon games I the time you can spend on levelling up and breeding etc, however this game does make a change that it is quicker and faster at this.

I’ve have already sunk a few hours into Pokemon quest, since it came out, and because this isn’t designed to be played for hours like other Pokemon game, I’ve felt no need to drop a any money on it so far. But you can buy currency that you can use to speed up certain timers, refresh your “energy” or buy upgrades that will speed up certain progression meters. Those options are great for people who really want to sink their teeth in, I’m happy to plug away at the game in small chunks during breaks or while I cook dinner. It definitely a boredom killer, and it still gives a buzz when playing even for short bursts, highly addictive.

This game is only available on Switch at the moment, but will be coming to mobiles in the near future.

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