Breaking Pokemon News!!!!

These are two new games in the Pokemon series and will be available 16th November, and from the trailer, these games look really good. The games will be based on the original pokemon and heavily based on the Kanto region. They have used Pokemon Yellow and the special Pikachu edition for inspiration for these new games.

Players will experience many firsts for the series: couch co-op, mobile integration, and big-screen play, all in the style of Pokémon’s traditional RPGs. It’s a definitely a massive step forward for Pokémon that begins with a look back. It feels that these games will offer an experience that’s friendly to new or younger players, bringing together people from the Pokemon Go era.

Let’s Go demonstrates the company ’s ambitions to keep the Pokémon series contemporary and relevant for new audiences around the world, while also delivering the experiences that existing fans enjoy. A free smartphone game is an easy sell, but the barrier to entry is higher when potential Let’s Go players will need both a Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game. Also having teased a newer version of the Pokemon plus which worked along side Pokemon Go, this has been updated to a PokeBall Plus, which again feels very similar to the PokeWalker with a massive upgrade, which was avaiable with Soul Silver and Heart Gold.

I am very excited for this game it looks good what do you guys think? I will keep you updated as soon as new updates are coming through.


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