Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Now I am new to this series haven’t played any of the others I am still playing it as we speak and I am enjoying it and starting to really immerse myself in the game and single player RPG gaming genre.

Playing this is stunning it’s visually appealing with all the bright colours and stunning environments, along with a wonderful array of characters, and in the switch, the graphics are brilliant, accompanied with a brilliant soundtrack and effects.

You play as a young boy called Rex with his blade Pyra and playing in a world where the civilization is on the brink of war and the last remaining people are living on massive beasts called Titans.

I found at first the controls difficult and a little confusing at first, as I was attacking the wrong things, but you pick up the controls quickly once you get to know them a lot better, makes for more fun. The combat is all about just getting the perfect timings. The first handful of hours you are learning all about mastering perfect timing, specifically by hitting one of your active Blade’s three ability buttons at the precise second an auto-attack animation ends.

I am still playing this game, it’s huge and lots of areas to explore and I feel I have only just scratched the surface, but I am having so much fun doing side quests whilst obviously still doing the main plot line. What makes it fun is obviously the graphics and the stunning environments that you get to battle your enemies in.

This game has it flaws with having a massive open world feel to it, the map doesn’t help as much as I would like and if I am honest it’s rubbish as, the diamond marker always appears at the top of the screen but never clearly states where the next objective is or either above or below, which then takes up all your time trying to find the next objective or plot point to spear on the story.

It’s all about the strategy in this game as in picking the best blades and learning the different powers they possess and what equipped items to either help or hinder you and thus, creating a more fun and challenging game, as it lets you play how you want to. As in boss fights you can feel yourself getting stuck and spending hours screaming at the screen why isn’t doesn’t this work etc, but that’s what makes it fun and more challenging as you actually have to think about the blades you’re putting together, and going back and doing it all again you have to take your time to figure this out.

Combat is heavily linked between driver and blade, they have their own unique personalities, in combat though it’s the best thinking of them as elemental weapons and that the powers of the blades correspond to different RPG roles. Each of the characters in the playable party has their own special blade like Rex. Figuring out which blades to come with you is part of the fun almost like Pokemon or Dragon Age when picking the best party to play along with.

Overall, I am still playing this game and I feel myself when I am playing and I lose myself and realise I have been on it for hours, which shows how much I am enjoying playing this game and taking my time to play especially enjoying the stunning locations and graphics, and it’s definitely delivered in the exploration part of the game and very good RPG story and combat for switch users.

As I thought the mixture of realistic graphics mixed with cartoon characters wouldn’t work, but this definitely does and makes it a very unique game.

Rating 8.7/10

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