Dragon Age 2

Dragon_Age_2_coverAfter the success of the first Dragon and how much I personally enjoyed playing, I want to give the sequel a try and Bioware, doesn’t disappoint, as it has a lot of things I enjoyed from the first game, but then it has its own unique quirks.

It stars a whole new cast of characters, meaning whole new relationships to explore, within the game. Bioware manages to keep a strong storyline and you from the very beginning are thrust into action. They have definitely improved the graphics compared to the first game as well and can tell from the first scene. The storyline itself I feel is little bit darker and more about the choices you make, as you character Hawke you make the decisions either to be the goodie or a complete jerk which again makes it more interesting as, the main character isn’t fighting an archdemon or trying to save the world, they are just trying to find themselves and what they want to be.

The best thing I like personally about this game is the fact your character actually talks in this game with the responses you pick and it doesn’t feel as wooden and you feel more immersed with how they act and how you want your character to be. Furthermore, to help make the decisions a lot easier in this game when compared to the first is the fact the response wheel you use in the game, with your response around it has actual icons of what they mean either happy response or angry response to any character.

One actual negative from this game is the fact it is set in Kirkwall, a faraway city unlike the first which is set in the kingdom of Ferelden, which gave you more variety of areas to explore, which is what made that game feel a more open world. It easily becomes  very repetitive playing in Kirkwall, as there aren’t as many areas to explore and some areas that you go into look exactly the same and it can become a bit boring looking at the same scenes all the time, it is okay at the beginning because its all new but after a while it makes it a little mundane at times. Having said that it still is fun to play and does make finding places a little easier.

Controls are easier in this game and again I feel you can either play with a lot of strategy in the game, especially when picking your other characters to join you, but also the mixture of powers, but you can also play this by mashing buttons to together like a full-on action game, when set on low-level settings. Furthermore, you will have to keep an eye on your group especially health wise and making sure they take their potions, as they don’t seem very clever in the fact they might not do this and you will have to take full command of the group.

Overall, I do really like this game and I actually playing through it again as we speak, and I sat here wondering why I haven’t replayed this game sooner as I have played the first game a couple of times and the latest one Dragon Age Inquisition. This game is definitely I feel more fun than the first and are able to explore relationships more but also develop your own character more. Even though I find the storyline is good and does have branching off side stories, it is fairly linear. It does help the game in some ways as it makes the game play more fliud and natural.

Rating 8/10






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